Big Birth


What happens when you live in the present moment, in the now? All of your past becomes a simple story, all your future becomes a simple thought form and right here right now becomes miraculous, serendipitous, conscious and alive. 

You are tapping into the pool of sacred mystery, the source of true creativity, innovation, compassion and love. And you're doing this while being aware of the ride! Yes, it can be scary if you think about it. But no need to follow your thoughts, just sink into being. Get comfortable with uncertainty. Use your intuition. Remember as a child when you had to be comfortable with uncertainty? At times the only certainty you had was yourself and you didn't even know who yourself was. 

This is the big birth, the birthing moment of now, where movements of energy behind the veil come into play and take shape, delighting in the world of form. You are birthing it right now! 

Be blessed!

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