Do you feel lost, alone or abandoned? Maybe you are changing and have found yourself on a path where the direction isn't clear. Choices could be pummeling you like waves on the sea and you're unsure of which way is right. 

Lighthouse reassures us that we are not alone and that the comfort of home is within reach. When everything around us seems unfamiliar, lighthouse is a beacon shining in the darkness. It stands with us, helping us to discern the correct choices--the ones that come from our heart--rather than from external forces.

It reminds us that we have a loving heart-family right by our side, supporting us, encouraging us and helping us in spirit. And by heart-family, I mean the people in this world and beyond that look at us with loving eyes, that accept us for who we are, that know how precious each of us are.

My very favorite heart-centered musician, Mike Love, sings of this family in his song Children of the Heart at 2:34 where he says, "If ever you find you're lonely just remember you can always call on your family. Call and we will be there right there when the skies are gray!" And that is the truth: there are so many loving people holding this world and its people in prayer. 

Be blessed!

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