Heron's guidance

As I tread more steadily on this path of intuitive creativity, I have run into the great blue heron. There is nothing greater than the awe and majesty that wash over me when I spy a blue heron. My soul sinks into stillness and I could be suspended for eternity and not realize it! This serendipity happened yesterday when I created the mark for my name, Listening Bird.

Listening Bird Mark

Let me tell you what happened. As I was painting what I thought was a white painting,  intrigued with the idea of playing with the subtle contrast of warm and cool whites, something just awful peeped up:

a corny dragon.

or was it a dinosaur?

or maybe some type of horse bird...

Whatever it was, it was visually cheesy. I wondered, "What message does this have for me?" That's when it changed into some type of thistle on an alien planet. The next day, a swan and the next day--oh wait! A heron! It's a heron's wing. 

That's when I knew that the mark I was to make for Listening Bird was going to be inspired by the great blue heron. As I looked at my photographs of herons, I realized its body shape was similar to a pendulum when it was sitting still. 

A pendulum is the feeling I have for this healing art. It's an intuitive instinct. It's not clear cut. It swings back and forth until the landing feels right. Not unlike the cheesy heron wing painting! Yes, this healing art is a bit like divining or water dousing, I'm divining water for the soul. 

So the mark for Listening Bird was born and has since also resembled a paint brush to me. Yes, art can have many meanings that reveal themselves at the right time. Have you had a similar experience when a work of art has transformed or revealed a new meaning? 

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