The miraculous convergence

Two days after school started we hit the jackpot:

perfect beach weather


Oh! The predicament! But like all good souls who shiver thinking about the impending winter, we accepted the challenge, packed up the kids and headed to Cranes for the day.


Cranes is our favorite beach but I wasn't prepared for the magic of this day. The lighting was out of this world.

Lighting at Crane's Beach


And the sandbars! I felt like I walked into a shaman's dream. There was a convergence at the southern tip which was mesmerizing to watch, but the real kicker was a little circular sandbar beyond that convergence, where all water came to meet like a sandy sun with water for rays. It was borderline scary. 

As the wind tore through my hair, past my ears, through my clothes and choppy water, this place sinked into my soul and it hasn't left

P.S. I also met a distinguished friend named chip chip. I wanted to say goodbye but what I thought were landmark features kinda ran in his family and I was left wondering if that really was chip chip following us throughout the day or just random bird after bird.

Seagull at Cranes Beach

View the Convergence painting

Watch the making of Convergence

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