Convergence, The Making Of

The mother of surprises, happy mistakes, mystery miracles, and whatever else you call the slew of magical things that occur while painting happened today. I was filled with the resonance of this convergence that I saw in person three weeks ago at Cranes beach. I knew it was going to be abstract, based on the color temperatures and vibe I felt that day. But I wasn't really prepared for the end result:

I didn't like the painting.

(Don't get me started about the struggle of artists not liking their work...) 

So questions arose: should I share this? Is it good enough? Could it be a work in progress? Would adding help? And then the commentary happened: The colors are rehashed. The lines are contrived. It's muddy. It's heavy. Why did you use the same color for the sky and two sandbars? Why isn't there enough variation in the water? It doesn't look anything like it.

Then thoughts aside, I moved forward with putting the work up in this sacred temple of a website. And it happened. 

As I watched the speed video on the Making of Convergence with the music I compiled from african drums, didgeridoo and dolphin, I fell in. I fell in love with this painting.

And the colors are perfect.
And the water is right.
And the lines have the feeling.
It has the feeling. 

God changes things, it's like alchemy.

 View the Convergence painting

Read the Journey

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