Loon of Blessing, The Making of

I knew Loon wanted me to paint her from my recent journey. But in what position? Should I forget realism? Which colors? I can totally flood my spirit with brain nonsense. And you know what the cure is for that? It's to start. To start and muddle through it.

When you start, it's like turning on a flashlight. You might not be able to see the full picture, but the next step will be clear. The picture widens as you start enjoying yourself. The present moment is full of real romance, full of surprises and gifts. 

Loon made it clear what she wanted, and for me the process seemed as smooth as butter. I felt like I was baking the most delicious pie, except the end result wasn't pie or even edible. But I do get to share it!

Also, as I was editing this video, I discovered something new! That is, that painting is very similar to breathing. Here I was, editing out my dabs for paint to help reduce interruption for the viewer and it hit me that color was my air, my intake. My head would bob downward to grab some paint consistently every few minutes. It was like having gills except instead of water, I'm breathing in color. Then my brush would find its way back to the canvas and in the maxim of exhale, I would step back to take it all in with my paintbrush poking outward like a feather tickles a navel. Then the cycle would start again. 

View the Loon of Many Blessings painting

Read the Journey

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  • blown away ! the elixir of the colors in the way the light would carry them through. I think you have created something that is BIG and i can’t even begin to tell you how big it feels to me. As a witness i feel like i am amplifying your intention for it all! Blessing it and keeping it in the INNER TEMPLE.

    • Jo Ingram (Gamsby)