For those that would like to know more about the person behind this art, my name is Jamie and my story is long, probably like yours! I can tell you about myself but I find those "facts" change over time. I'd much rather tell you why I do this (which is the consistent thread in my life):

For the sheer feeling!

This art that comes through my hands gives me the feelings of adventure, joy and appreciation. This art teaches me how to listen to my inner impulses around color and form, how to delight in the shifting of light quality, but mostly it shows me how to bask in pure pleasure—from the making of it to the looking at it, to the insights that are gleaned from it months thereafter. 

Painting attunes and harmonizes me.

This is the meaning of healing to me. And this is what I want to give abundantly to the world, the people I interact with in everyday life, those that have grown numb and those that are in suffering: my deepest comfort, my endless appreciation, and an echoing call to this creative moment, a moment of imperfectly perfect beauty.

Art is just my leave-behind. The true value is in the continual transformation that happens within me as a result of art exploration.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you are inspired to listen to the creative call within yourself and share it unabashedly with others! 

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