Copy of Welcome, Friend

Did you know that art has the power to heal? For centuries, art has helped us peer into the depths of our soul and tune us back to the harmony of life. As humanity is challenged with motives other than compassion, joy and gratitude, art can return us to the well where our spirit is nourished just by the act of looking! 

And when we feel nourished, we are overflowing. And when we are overflowing we are giving. And when we are giving, both ourselves and our brothers and sisters are blessed many times over. This stokes humanity's true fire: the fire of awakened consciousness. And this joy is available right now. Trust in your creative spirit to lead the way.

I believe you did not arrive here by mistake. Maybe there is something–an image, a color, a word–that rekindles your spirit and brings you back to tune. And that is the intention of this healing art: to bless you.


For those that would like to know more about the person behind this art, my name is Jamie and my story is long, probably like yours! I can tell you facts about myself but I'd rather tell you the truth of why I do this. This art that comes through my hands gives me the feelings of joy and gratitude. This art teaches me how to be still, how to observe and bask in the joy of presence—from the making of it to the looking at it—whatever I am is tuned and harmonized.

This is the meaning of healing to me. And this is what I want to give abundantly to the world, to all of humanity, to those I love, to those that have grown numb and to those that are in suffering: my deepest comfort, my endless appreciation, and an echoing call to the present moment, a moment of imperfectly perfect beauty.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you are inspired to listen to the creative call within yourself and share it freely with others! 

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